Please join us in creating a one-of-a-kind, very special memory quilt for one of our very special Sugarcat families. Jamie and her family evacuated from Bay St. Louis, MS with literally the clothes on their backs the day before Hurricane Katrina roared through. Expecting to be gone only a day or so, they left behind all of their most prized possessions, family heirlooms and gifts that 2 month old Renee had received. Two weeks later, when the beans went to Philadelphia to stay with Jamie's family, cats Boo! and Rudy stayed with Harry's family. The worst happened one day when the cats escaped - Boo! was missing for 5 days and Rudy for 2 weeks. Harry heroically found both cats, but Rudy, without medication for his heart condition, died several days after Harry brought him back. Jamie and Harry have relocated to Reno and are starting to build their lives back together.

We want to create a new family heirloom for them - a cat-themed quilt. You can see Jamie's heartfelt message to the feline diabetes community on Sugarcats. All of us know that this is the most special group of people anywhere and we'd like Jamie to have a permanent reminder of all of us.
Please send an email to Nora if you would like to participate.
Deadline to submit finished squares is January 15.
Nora will send each participant a background muslin square.
Squares will be 10 1/2" - finished or filled area should be 10 inches, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance on all sides. If you'd like, we'll send you a starter square. If you don't use the starter square, please make your finished square 10 1/2".

If you would like to create your own design, be sure to use only pre-washed 100% cotton fabrics. Designs can be as simple or detailed as you like -

standard quilt designs
applique or iron-on
write-on with fabric markers - Pigma or Sharpie - craft store or fabric store is good for these, there are lots of colors available
* We'll supply a partially pre-made square (photo below)
* Plain square with appliqued cat shape - you can embroider or write on your name, a personal message or cat quote (google "cat quotes" and you'll find a ton)
* Cat will be to the left or right side, not centered - this will allow plenty of room for you to add whatever you like
* You can choose the color of the cat you'd like - Black, orange, grey, yellow or brown

Whatever fabrics, etc. you use, make sure they are washable. Want to contribute but feel you're not crafty enough or won't have time? Make a donation (any amount) and we'll add your name, cat's name and your message to a square. Your donation will be used to help offset the cost of batting, backing fabric, etc. Any leftover will be invested in a gift certficate for Jamie. Please Email Nora if you will be sending a square or need us to send a starter square.

Thank you!


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